Gypsum in a natural fertiliser that will help equalize the balance needed for most crops


Albacutya Gypsum (formally Nypo Gypsum) is run by the Lester Family who have been in the Gypsum industry for 38 years spanning 3 generations. Our experience and knowledge of Gypsum mining has enabled us to secure and produce some of the best premium gypsum in the Rainbow/Yaapeet area.

We currently run 2 gypsum pits, Nypo Gypsum Pit and Albacutya Gypsum Pit both producing a high quality gypsum. We regularly have our gypsum tested through out the open season and results for each pit can be found in "Test Results"

Paul and Rob run both pits and are owner operators enabling us to provide the best service, product, price and advice to those who purchase our gypsum.

We are a family owned and operated business with extensive experience within the Gypsum industry our aim is to provide the best possible product and service to you.

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